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/bech·del test/ n.
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

[[3]] Horrible Histories: The Movie - Rotten Romans (2019) [imdb]

This movie passed 3 of 3 tests. It was entered by cd on 2021-07-29 10:28:09.



cd said:
There are many named women in this film; Orla, Brenda, Boudicca and Agrippina are all main characters and vital to the plot. Flavia, Irene, Julia, Martina, Birte and Drucsilla are all other women in this film who’s names either aren’t mentioned in the movie or are only mentioned once but whose names appear in the credits. Mrs Dougal is a character with multiple appearances and many lines in the film but she is named after a male character, her husband. Mrs Felix is named in a similar way and also has multiple appearances and lines but her husband is called Mr Felix and neither are very important to the plot.
Orla is one of two protagonists and has about the same amount of screen time and dialogue as Atti, the other protagonist, who is a guy. She is also just as relevant to the plot as Atti and while, together, they both act as a way to present the main plot(Boudican revolt of AD60/AD61) in a way that is more relatable to younger audiences and allows for a happy ending; they also both have their own storylines and ambitions that are separate from the other person. While Atti and Orla are both equally the most important characters of the movie, Atti’s storyline gets more attention in official promotional information like the plot synopsis that appears on the DVD cover and on websites.
Boudicca, Brenda and Agrippina are all key characters in multiple important plot points and without these plot points and characters the movie would not make any sense. Boudicca and Agrippina both die by the end of the movie but this is accurate to actual historical events(though Agrippina actually died a year before this movie is set and within the movie Boudicca’s death is left as a mystery and not completely confirmed).
Women speak to each other throughout the movie but not as often as men speak to each other or women speak to men. Julia and Flavia have a conversation at the start of the movie however the conversation is about Atti and Celsius, their sons. Orla and Brenda have many interactions with one another throughout the movie but they are mostly very short. Some of these short conversations are about men, usually Arghus or Atti, but many of them are not. Boudicca and Irene have many conversations about the uprising and the battles they are fighting but usually Cedric is also there. Orla and Boudicca have a conversation during the Battle of Watling Street. This conversation doesn’t include men or mention men at all and goes on for a little less than a minute. Boudicca thanks Orla for helping her and says that she reminds her of a younger version of herself. At the end of the movie Brenda and Julia have a conversation about wine and brooches. Julia explains what wine is and comments that she has a brooch exactly like the one that Brenda is wearing. The conversation lasts around 30 seconds and is unrelated to the plot as by this point the story is mostly complete.
In my opinion, it passes the test but not incredibly well however the female characters of the film are developed and important enough to the plot that their lack of regular extended conversations with each other is not as concerning as it would be in other cases - especially considering it’s a kids movie.
Message posted on 2021-07-29 10:28:09

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