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/bech·del test/ n.
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

[[3]] Sex and the city 2 (2010) [imdb]

This movie passed 3 of 3 tests. It was entered by Foggen on 2010-05-27 20:04:33.



neil (webmaster) said:
Webmaster note: I've updated the rating, it was 2 of 3 (dubious) before, but based on the feedback I've changed the rating to 3 out of 3 (and changed the submitter to the first commenter).
Message posted on 2010-05-27 20:04:32
Foggen said:
2 of 3 and dubious?

It's a movie about 4 women who chatter at each other constantly. That's 2 solid. I haven't seen the movie, but are you saying that every single line of dialogue between them is about men? I call bullshit.
Message posted on 2010-05-27 20:04:33
amelia said:
they talk about being friends and children.
Message posted on 2010-05-27 21:29:41
Christine said:
Just saw it and disagree with the rating completely. They talk about family, children and the terrible twos, menopause, gay marriage, their friendships with each other, Middle Eastern culture...They advise each other on quitting your job when your boss is sexist, taking time off from your family and commitments to be yourself, and how not to live in the past but look to the future.
Message posted on 2010-05-29 02:43:18
Sarah said:
I saw this film last night and it probably the worst film i have seen in years. It story line was weak and useless, it made women look like idiots, it totally trivialized cheating and it was racist and ignorant. And I AM a huge fan of the show and i quite liked the first film. this was a massive let down.
Message posted on 2010-05-29 12:22:47
Amanda said:
3/3 - you got this one wrong.
Message posted on 2010-05-30 01:03:19
hopita said:
Yea, they talk about Carrie's book review, menopause, getting older, travel, their kids ... lots of things other than men.
Message posted on 2010-06-02 16:27:49
stephanie said:
I think this movie makes women look terrible, but it does meet the rules. Carrie, Charlotte, and Samantha's major plotlines are about men. Miranda's is about why mothers shouldn't work. So yes, they technically meet the criteria, but this movie insults women (and other cultures) nonetheless.
Message posted on 2010-07-23 01:21:42
Rozi said:
It does pass the test, but this doesn't mean it's automatically a good film. It's an appalling film that seems to insult women, men and other cultures. I'm pretty sure it's the worst film I've EVER seen at the cinema.
Message posted on 2011-05-26 17:22:30
Iris said:
I love this series and movie just for one simple reason:
Women should be allowed to enjoy sex just like men. It is not a serious movie - it is a comedy! - Just like 'American Pie'. And it gave me good laughs, so I consider it a good movie.

I guess society is not used to see women talk about sex, doing sex, and talking about how being mother DOES affect our lives and carriers so freely as in Sex and the city.
Message posted on 2014-01-11 19:52:37

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