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/bech·del test/ n.
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

[[3]] Singin' in the Rain (1952) [imdb]

This movie passed 3 of 3 tests. It was entered by schwarta on 2009-12-28 04:13:45.



Leah said:
Both Kathy and Zelda talk to Lina in the movie. And Lina talks to her female vocal coach many times! She has a name, I just can't remember it. I'm pretty sure at least one of these conversations isn't about men.
Message posted on 2011-06-13 08:02:28
Cygnifier said:
Lina and Zelda have a conversation when Zelda reveals that Kathy is doubling her voice (about 1 hr 26 min in). Lina only talks directly to Kathy only twice--the first is about Don, but the second is about how Kathy WILL continue to double her voice. But there are several scenes with Miss Phoebe Dismore (the diction coach) definitely talking with Lina about how to speak correctly. So we have multiple named women and while there is one conversation about a man, the others are about other topics.
Message posted on 2011-09-23 14:37:05
yukondawn said:
As Cygnifier points out, diction coach Phoebe Dinsmore works with Lina Lamont on the production of "round tones" in a brief scene about 45 minutes into the film.
Message posted on 2011-12-07 02:08:11
Erika said:
Not only do Cathy and Linda talk about something other than a man, they are disagreeing that Cathy should continue to be "the voice" - uncredited - for Lina. Moreover, there men all agree that Cathy just can't do it, because it would ruin Cathy's career. How many pre-1970 movies even GIVE a female lead a career?
Message posted on 2011-12-07 03:13:52
Stan said:
As previously stated, Lina and Cathy have a conversation about Cathy continuing to double Lina's voice, and Ms. Dinsmore and Lina interact several times regarding diction.
In addition, Lina and Zelda talk briefly, and there are several conversations between unnamed female characters.
Singing in the Rain is easily a 3/3 - the current score is absolutely false.
Message posted on 2012-09-14 18:48:10
Ayesha said:
While I'm not sure that the short bits we see between women could count as conversations (depends on your definition of conversation) Singin' in the Rain 100% passes at least the first two qualities in that there are four named women and they all talk to each other about things besides men. Maybe it's not a conversation but it deserves to be at least bumped up to a 2/3
Message posted on 2014-07-07 13:21:45
neil (webmaster) said:
I've updated the rating from 1/3 to 3/3.
Message posted on 2014-07-07 19:49:11

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