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/bech·del test/ n.
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

[[3]] I Am Sam (2001) [imdb]

This movie passed 3 of 3 tests. It was entered by Teeeeeeeeeeeeek on 2014-03-05 16:09:54.



Teeeeeeeeeeeeek said:
Rita (Sam's lawyer) talks to Dr. Blake about her mother.
Message posted on 2014-03-05 16:09:54
Teeeeeeeeeeeeek said:
This is the scene that introduces Sam’s future lawyer, Rita Harrison Williams, who rushes into her office in a hurry followed by her assistant. As she walks in she is overwhelming Patricia with questions about phone calls and her car. Patricia’s name is introduced as Rita asks her to get her some coffee and also asks Sam what he would like.
Rita: ”I’m already 20 minutes late. What did Michelle Prevsky say? Is she working defense or did she--”
Patricia: “She said she will.”
Rita: “Oh, that’s ridiculous. What happened with my car because it wasn’t my fault.”
Patricia: “Oh, I know, I uh –“
Time of scene: 35min 45sec
Does it pass? Yes

The conversation includes Rita, Patricia and another unnamed lawyer. The unnamed lawyer asked Rita if Sam is the new janitor since she was just seen speaking with him. Rita claims he is a client she is working with “pro bono” (meaning for free) even though she just turned him down. Patricia scoffs and then claims that she had a cracker go down the wrong pipe and the unnamed lawyer then laughs. Rita asks if they don’t believe she would do “pro bono” and they sarcastically tell her to have another drink “pro bono”.
Time of scene: 41m 30s – 42m 10s
Does it pass? This is debatable since the unnamed lawyer is involved and she and Patricia only exchange one to two lines.

An interrogation in Sam’s case.
Rita: “Dr. Blake, what would you say kept you going during your years in college?”
Dr. Blake: “Caffeine, Donuts (laughing) and my mother’s belief in me.”
Rita: “I wish I had a mother like that. She must have been smart.”
Dr. Blake: “She had great instincts.”
Rita: “Do you happen to know what her IQ was?”
Dr. Blake: “In the lower ranges, about 70.”
Rita: “So, your mother, a woman who had the mind of a 9 year old, had the wisdom to recognize that you would be a great doctor?”
Dr. Blake: “Yes. I can’t say that it was always easy, but I can say that she taught me the things they can’t teach. Patience and compassion.”
Rita: “Traits that most doctors have in – “
Time of scene: 60m – 62m
Does it pass? Yes.

Mrs. Calgrove tells Lucy her time is up (visiting with Sam), Lucy asks if they can have just a little more time, Mrs. Calgrove says no that she has an appointment at 2:30 and Lucy says she needs to go to the bathroom.
Time of scene: 64m – 64m 30s
Does it pass? Yes.

Rita interrogates Annie about her involvement with Lucy.
Rita: “Besides being Lucy’s godmother, aren’t you also her piano teacher?”
Annie: “Yes.”
Sam: “Yes, Annie can play beautiful music.”
Rita: “Sam, its Annie’s turn now.”
“And didn’t you graduate college Magna Cum Laude?”
Annie: (corrects her pronunciation)
Rita: “Excuse me. Now Ms. Cassell, in all the time that you’ve known them, have you ever questioned Sam’s ability as a father?”
Annie: “Never.”
Rita: “Never?”
Annie: “Never. Look at Lucy. She’s strong. She displays true empathy for people. All kinds of people. I know you all think she’s as smart as she is despite Sam, but it’s because of him.”
Time of scene: 71m – 73m
Does it pass? This is debatable because the conversation goes back and forth including parts about Sam. There are interactions where they are speaking only of Annie’s history or only of Lucy, but there are only one or two lines at a time.

This is the first interaction you see between Lucy and her foster mom.
Randy: “Your teacher told me you’re a wonderful artist.”
“So, I was thinking maybe –“
Lucy: “Daddy’s coming today.”
Randy: “Yeah.”
Lucy: “I’m going to open my birthday presents.”
Randy: “Oh, you must be so excited.”
Lucy: “Why don’t you go and do something?”
Randy: “Okay.”
Time of scene: 95m – 97m 30s
Does it pass? This one is also debatable. They exchange a few words about something other than Sam, but since it starts off talking about him, one could argue that this does not pass. It could also be argued that it does not yet pass because Randy is not yet named in the course of the movie. The first time Randy’s name is introduced is after this scene when Mrs. Calgrove says Randy is pushing for adoption.
Message posted on 2014-03-10 00:02:10

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