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/bech·del test/ n.
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

[[3]] Twilight (2008) [imdb]

This movie passed 3 of 3 tests. It was entered by Oscar on 2009-09-11 22:09:17.



Oscar said:
Although it can be argued the film sets back feminism by several decades, it does feature interactions between women that do not revolve around men.
Message posted on 2009-09-11 22:09:17
Anna P. disagreed with the rating and said:
Regardless, the Twilight series is one of the least empowering pop culture phenomena I have seen recently. All agency is removed from the main female character, whose life is run by the men around her, and whose very existence is only to be this dude's true love. I CALL B.S.

At the very least, it should have a one of these faces :|
Message posted on 2009-11-04 05:43:32
"Greg" said:
While I agree with Anna P. that the film is pretty odious in terms of agency, etc., it *does* pass all tests, and its disputed status should be revoked, as per the icon guidelines on the homepage: "Please keep in mind that a movie scoring a [smiley face] does not mean it is at all 'good' or feminist friendly, just that it passes all tests."
Message posted on 2010-01-18 21:59:51
JPeaslee said:
For movies like this, there needs to be a new type of rating. One that passes all the tests, but clearly isn't a "good" film.
Message posted on 2010-05-17 06:26:05
Foggen said:
The Bechdel Test has enough gender politics in it already. Adding judgments as to whether a movie is specifically feminist enough would just serve to invalidate the exercise.
Message posted on 2010-05-28 13:16:05
Ariel said:
The fact that it passes the Bechdel Test just isn't seeing the forest for the trees. The film is just a tract for "if you want a boyfriend, sit around and pout and he'll eventually come to you."
Message posted on 2010-08-14 18:06:43
JemJem said:
I think people have forgotten some of the other female characters in this film, one of Bella's friends is referred to as a strong independent women, the female vampires are still powerful, one has a "gift" and the other has taken revenge. its a female who in the third film gives the speach being head of year, and she doesnt sit thier and pout in the end she makes both of the main male part work hard for her to chose one in the end. Bella wasnt supposed to be a superhero which i think some people are expecting her to be based on the comments.
Message posted on 2010-08-25 18:41:33
Renee said:
There are too many references in this series and not enough actual showing. I'm not convinced any of them were actually strong, except maybe Alice, but that's only because of the actress.

This movie should only be viewed with Rifftrax. Too bad there's no way around the books.
Message posted on 2010-12-24 01:45:20
Mash said:
I haven't read them in a while, so I might not remember correctly...
Angela- only gains confidence when she starts dating Ben.

Jessica- spends half the time envying Bella for her relationship with Edward and Marks crush on her (in fact her character serves little more purpose than to play up Bella's 'irresistibly')

Renee- Totally reliant on other people, so much so that her own daughter doesn't have confidence she can take care of herself without her husband

Esme- May be powerful, but rarely shows it, and while she is said to be the mother of the coven I can't recall many scenes with her in it. Also, she's only alive because she was saved (turned) by a man.

Rosalie- was raped, then saved by Carlisle, but only because he thought Edward needed a girlfriend. She's miserable until she meets Emmett.

Alice- One of the strongest female vampires, but her human origins still have her locked in an asylum, hunted by a tracker (apparently James) and then turned by a male vampire.

Leah- A pretty good character, still spends most of the series being bitter about Sam dumping her.
Message posted on 2012-07-30 04:52:01
Diane said:
I thought we were talking about the movie?

Angela was the one who asked Eric out. I didn't see it as Angela, her confidence was because Bella encouraged her, not because she was dating some guy.

There was not much on Jessica. In the movie portrayal, I thought she was less made out to be the "jealous" girl but more of popular girl. Also she was valedictorian.

Renee was flighty by characteristic. Not gonna make excuses for that but she was more forgetful to take care of herself rather than reliant on a man.

Esme as you said is a powerful vampire. A mother figure. I agree that she didn't have a lot of scenes. But I don't think that being turned by a male vampire makes her less of a strong female character.

Rosalie. Same point, I don't think being turned by a male vampire lessens her as a female character. True she needed Emmett to be happy but she would rather have children than Emmett (however I'm not sure this was expressed in movie or just in the book).

Alice. Same point. Doesn't lessen her as character.

Leah. I agree she does spend her time being bitter. (Though under the circumstances I think it's understandable). *spoilers* Though in the end she joins Jacob's pack and finally gets a chance to move on. Too bad we don't see much of it.

Message posted on 2012-10-23 05:01:46
Samson said:
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