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/bech·del test/ n.
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

[[2]] I'm So Excited (2013) [imdb]

This movie passed 2 of 3 tests. It was entered by nike on 2013-07-03 22:23:22.



nike said:
There are a number of named female characters - Norma, Bruna, Ruth, Alba, Jessica, but their interactions are always short. Ruth talks for a bit with a female neighbour of Albas about Alba and her mother; the neighbour however isn't named. Bruna and Norma shortly talk to each other in the cockpit, but the conversation is about a male member of the crew. I might have missed some interaction (I was really upset about this film, which features the drugging of a huge number of people and non-consensual sex), so there might be a minimal conversation that constitutes a pass I could have missed. I don't recommend to watch the movie to check though.
Message posted on 2013-07-03 22:23:22
Rafael disagreed with the rating and said:
Ruth and the nurse converse about Alba.... as well as Ricardo.

However, for an Almodovar movie, women are surprisingly sidelined.
Message posted on 2013-08-10 01:23:06
Rafael said:
I should add that the nurse is a named character (Portera, played by Carmen Machi), but I had to look that up--not even sure her name is spoken.
Message posted on 2013-08-10 01:31:36
Rafael said:
OK, now I'm embarassed. Portera is not her name. It means gate-keeper or doorwoman, I think.
Message posted on 2013-08-10 01:33:43

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