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/bech·del test/ n.
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

[[3]] Elementary (2012) [imdb]

This movie passed 3 of 3 tests. It was entered by Sheltinka on 2013-06-05 14:16:58.



Sheltinka said:
Warning - major spoilers:
The first test is easily passed if only thanks to the two characters crucial to the show has been cast female (doctor Watson and Moriarty), diverging from the original books.
The second question gets passed too: Joan Watson talks to her female therapist, Ms. Hudson, Irene Adler, her friends, and other female characters quite frequently, although in many cases it is about either the cases, or Sherlock Holmes himself.
However, the third rule gets its check on several occasions, for all I'll mention the time where in the episode Lesser Evils Joan discusses work and patients with her former colleague, or the episode Dirty Laundry, in which she offers help to a daughter of deceased hotel manager, and the girl later on approaches her and seeks her advice.

Even though I'm aware Elementary is not a movie, I noticed someone has uploaded ratings for the show Hannibal, so I hope this one is ok to add, too.
Message posted on 2013-06-05 14:16:59
Xiola said:
This is a great show... Although Sherlock is in the "boss" position, female Watson completely holds her own as an equally likeable, intelligent and fleshed out character.
But what I like best is that, so far, the relationship between female-Watson and male-Sherlock hasn't been turned into an "unresolved sexual tension" relationship, but instead maintain, yet go no further than, the "bromance" relationship shared by the original Sherlock and Watson, and buddy-movie duos, AND female Watson has never turned into a Damsel in Distress. A Male/Female duo WITHOUT romantic undertones, and where the man isn't constantly "saving" the girl is so refreshing. I can only hope that they manage to continue this rare balance in the next season...
Message posted on 2013-06-30 14:58:21
J said:
I really love this show's re-imagined Sherlock-Watson dynamic. It is unfair to say Sherlock is in the "boss" position, because Watson's role as his sobriety couch puts her in a position of power over him for half the first season. After that she quickly becomes more of a co-Sherlock to the police than an underling. In the final episode she's the one who ultimately defeats Moriarty.

(Spoilers for the first season)

What I think is really interesting is that while we bend over backwards to praise the show for not coupling Watson with Sherlock, that is exactly what the show does with its gender swapped Moriarty and it works perfectly.

One of my favorite scenes in season 2 doesn't pass the Bechdel Test because it is Watson and Moriarty discussing Sherlock. But it was so great watching Moriarty trying and failing to figure out her new nemesis
Message posted on 2014-04-20 02:32:45
marie said:
Just noticed "Elementary" passed The Test in the season 2 "Nutmeg" episode when Kitty and Joan discuss Kitty's love of classical music-slash-clarinet playing while trying to see what door their key unlocks. Actually, my 13-year old daughter noticed; she said: "And THAT'S how easy it is to pass the Bechdel Test!" Kudos to a wonderful show!!
Message posted on 2014-12-15 18:51:15

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