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/bech·del test/ n.
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

[[0]] Trance (2013) [imdb]

This movie passed 0 of 3 tests (although dubious). It was entered by Victoria on 2013-04-04 17:52:12.



Victoria said:
Only one named women in the movie, the other is listed as Young Woman or Young Woman in Red Car.
Message posted on 2013-04-04 17:52:12
Zepp said:
I just saw this one.
Predicted 85-90% of it, because I'm that much of a genius. ;p
But the film was still awesome.
I believe this is the kind of movie that should be exempt from the test.
If you've seen it, you'll understand how it masks itself as a story about a man but then gradually reveals it self to be about a woman and her own emotional and physical struggles against a particular man and men in general.
Some of you might argue that she is still objectified do to full frontal nudity and a romance plot.
But you must notice that, with the exception of a couple of scenes, she does not play a constant victim. In fact it's one of the themes of the movie and she says it herself - that she does not want to be the victim, she is fighting against that and rising above it.
She is shown most of the time in control of the situation and drives the plot by her own initiative, using specific skills at her disposal that she has mastered on her own.
She does not submit easily and clearly manipulates men.
And at the end she is the one that comes on top of everyone else.
Sure, there are a couple of contrivances in the plot and you could say that she is as much of a criminal as everyone else in the movie.
But the point is that it's about a woman overpowering men and in my opinion she does so tastefully and without losing her dignity. Thus it is justified that she would be the only female character in the film.
Plus Rosario Dawson is a magnificent actress (and I'm saying that talent wise).
I recommend every adult to see this movie.
And hopefully you can agree with my point of view.
If you don't, I'd love to have a civil, constructive discussion about it here.
Message posted on 2013-04-19 22:11:23
Beans said:
I agree with Zepp. It also has to be said that, in many ways, this movie (though full length) is structured more like a short film. There are no characters who exist outside the main story. There are no sub plots. Everything exists in this film for a reason.
Message posted on 2013-05-25 14:11:51
drtreebare said:
Agree with a lot of the things Zepp says, except about the film being awesome - The photography and the colours are great but so much of the rest of it is awful.

You're right about Dawson controlling, using and manipulating men, and really turning the story into one about herself. However there is one clear and obvious reason that the audience is allowed to see her naked and not Vincent Cassel. (Also the back story regarding why we see her full frontally is absolutely ridiculous and fairly disgusting.)

Obviously there would be no reason for this film to be exempt from the test. You can't just argue that some films should be exempt solely based on the storyline.
Message posted on 2013-10-25 20:34:30

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