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/bech·del test/ n.
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

[[1]] The 13th Warrior (1999) [imdb]

This movie passed 1 of 3 tests. It was entered by Ouiselle on 2012-02-04 21:18:33.



Ouiselle said:
There are about three women who speak in the whole movie and two might have actual names but they most function as plot devices. One (she is actually a queen) serves as a guide to lead the warriors to a nearby village and then to an old crone who gives them advice about finding the enemy they are fighting (apparently the men are a bit too thick to figure this out). Another serves as a temptation to a godly Muslim character, but her character in the movie is undeveloped.
Message posted on 2012-02-04 21:18:34
trina B said:
yeah but do they speak to each other?
Message posted on 2013-07-04 23:50:13
CP said:
It has been some time since I saw it, but the female characters in this movie (which is focused on men and their heroic deeds) appear at very different coordinates in time and space - I really don't think they talk to each other.
Message posted on 2014-06-16 12:19:34
Geoffrey Schaller said:
Of the 13 warriors, none are women. The women in the cast that have speaking roles are the "Angel of Death" (soothsayer in the beginning, makes proclamations, but does not address anyone specifically), the woman that joins the deceased king on his pyre (general speech, no talking to specific people), the queen in the village they visit, the love interest for Ahmed, and the old soothsayer in the village. The Mother of the Wendol grunts and hisses, but has no speech.

That being said, at least two interactions happen between the Queen and other women. The queen hands a set of knives to another woman guarding children during an attack, and says "When the time comes, don't let them be taken alive." The other is the conversation between the Queen and the Soothsayer, although that is mostly her speaking on behalf of Bulwyf, so I am not sure that counts as not speaking about a man.

The film is certainly male-centric, although it does not necessarily show women as lesser, just not in the focus. (It is noted that all men between 15 and 50 in the village have been killed by the Wendol - yet only two women in the village have any lines.)
Message posted on 2015-01-09 15:10:57
David MacDowell Blue said:
This film has no two named female characters speak to each other at all. So it cannot be said to ahve passed the test.
Message posted on 2018-04-30 21:42:31
neil (webmaster) said:
I've updated the rating from 3/3 to 1/3.
Message posted on 2018-05-01 21:18:39
Helen said:
Just before one of the raids on the village - as the children are being hidden below with their mothers - Weilew (played by Diane Verona) says to Olga (played by Maria Bonnevie) "When the time comes, don't let them be taken" and hands her a set of knives.

She is speaking of the children which of course can mean both male and female children, so this line of dialogue probably doesn't pass the test. But it's the closest the movie gets between two named female characters.

Weilew also speaks to the Crone/Wise Woman and although their dialogue would have passed the test, the Crone character unfortunately is unnamed.
Message posted on 2019-06-30 22:30:48

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