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/bech·del test/ n.
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

[[2]] Smultronstället (Wild Strawberries) (1957) [imdb]

This movie passed 2 of 3 tests. It was entered by martin on 2011-07-12 13:02:57.



martin said:
there are a one or two lines that could pass the test but I wouldn't say that it's two women talking to each other but more short directives given by one woman to another without any substanial reply. the only real conversations between women has to do with men.
Message posted on 2011-07-12 13:02:59
A disagreed with the rating and said:
I think this passes 3/3 although dubious. There are several scenes where several named women exchange likes, like Marianne and Mrs. Borg, for example talk about having children. Also Marianne and Miss Agda discuss who the hitchhikers are that Isak has picked up.
Message posted on 2014-03-25 08:41:33
Tinu disagreed with the rating and said:
I agree with A that this film should pass (although doubiously). Apart from the examples mentioned by A I would add one more: While Charlotta and Sara mainly talk about Isak and Sigfrid in the beginning of their conversation, they also speak about their sisters in the end and the "silliness" of their undertaking to write a song for somebody deaf.
Message posted on 2020-11-03 18:40:46

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