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/bech·del test/ n.
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

[[1]] Free Guy (2021) [imdb]

This movie passed 1 of 3 tests. It was entered by zalx on 2021-08-16 08:23:54.



zalx said:
Allowing for the fact that the story gives some of its women possessive style names (Missy, Bombshell), there is more than one named female character in the film. However, I don't remember any of them interacting at all.
Message posted on 2021-08-16 08:23:54
ManilowsCloset disagreed with the rating and said:
An unnamed waitress kicks Jodie Comer out of her shop, so it does technically pass if we don't go with the named rule.
Message posted on 2021-09-07 17:57:42
L disagreed with the rating and said:
While there aren’t tons of conversations between women, there is a conversation between the barista and Millie about the video game. So on a technicality, I think it passes.
Message posted on 2021-09-13 00:07:11
anon278 said:
- Ryan Reynolds engages in street harrassment.
- Protagonist, while her gun skills are admirable, is going about her day in a sexualised manner (nothing wrong with that, but compared to, say, the most recent Lara Croft film ft. Alicia Vikander? This one's still something I'm thinking through. Clearly some degree of male gaze here. )
- The creepy eye contact that I'm assuming the director instructed the actress to do towards the end of the film. One of the end scenes.
- The "preachy feminist" joke reeked of r/menwritingwomen. So the writers are okay with street harrassment but play off the "humour" of creeps who downplay women's frustration with how unsafe women are made to feel in this world?

- I suppose one plus is the fact that they hired Jodie Comer and had a woman who's using guns etc. And pretty domineering
Message posted on 2021-09-17 10:40:35
FBenIk said:
Millie and the barista were talking, but I don't think the barista had a name.
Message posted on 2021-10-03 17:35:05
howarthe said:
The Barista and the Bombshell are not named characters. Pokimane appears as herself but does not speak with any female character. Lara Spencer also appears as herself but does not speak with any female characters.
Message posted on 2021-10-06 13:52:31
Jacque said:
Technically there is a second named female character beside Mlilie... The Cat Lady is named Phyllis.
Message posted on 2021-11-14 21:17:45
JJ disagreed with the rating and said:
The Barista's Name is Missy. I'm not sure if the test requires the name to be used, but her nametag can be seen in the opening of this clip.
Message posted on 2022-04-08 18:36:47

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