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/bech·del test/ n.
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

[[3]] Airplane! (1980) [imdb]

This movie passed 3 of 3 tests (although dubious). It was entered by AmericanErrorist on 2010-05-29 00:36:13.



AmericanErrorist said:
One of the woman does not have any plot significance.
Message posted on 2010-05-29 00:36:13
Rebecca G said:
The female character Randy talks to the little girl (whose name is mentioned as Lisa Davis by the doctor from the Mayo Clinic calling Captian Oveur) and her mother about being on the plane. Also Lisa and Mrs. Davis talk to each other.
Randy also talks to the nun about Lisa.
Message posted on 2011-04-05 05:23:32
paultkh said:
Randy and Lisa introduce themselves to each other by name. From the transcript (via AwesomeFilm):
Attendnt: Do you mind if I talk to your daughter?
Mother : No I think that'd be nice.
Attendnt: Hi, I'm Randy.
Dyingirl: I'm Lisa . . . YOU HAVE A GUITAAAAR!
Attendnt: Uh, huh! I thought maybe you'd like to hear a song.
Dyingirl: I'd love to!

Message posted on 2012-05-08 16:16:10
njrp said:
I have to agree with everything rachel and paul said.. as for plot.. One of the driving plot elements is that the plane has to make it to its destination in a timely fashion because of that little girl. Considering the movie is a parody of the AIRPORT movies (back in the 70's) which use similar plot devices, that alone allows it to pass the test.
Message posted on 2013-01-16 15:27:24
JMcR said:
As noted above (but without any formal ratings disagreements): One of the nuns (unnamed, but in several scenes) has a conversation with the secondary stewardess (Randy) about the sick girl (Lisa). Randy and Lisa then have a short talk leading into her song. It's an uncontested pass.
Message posted on 2013-09-07 21:02:41
neil (webmaster) said:
I've updated the rating from 1/3 to 3/3.
Message posted on 2013-09-08 12:21:54
Sydney said:
There is no way this is dubious. Randy has a sufficiently long exchange with Lisa (the ailing lass) that has nothing to do with males. Elaine has a brief talk with the young Lisa Davis and her mother as well.
Message posted on 2014-03-06 12:05:51

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