Bechdel Test Movie List

/bech·del test/ n.
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

[[3]] Walk of Shame (2014) [imdb]

This movie passed 3 of 3 tests. It was entered by Bernium on 2014-05-13 11:41:14.



Bernium said:
It's a great movie.

In the movie, Elizabeth Banks' character talks to her two best friends, Rose and Denise, repeatedly throughout the movie about, her job as a TV anchor, and how it she's competing to get the job, how she felt depressed after breaking up with her douchey ex. Her two female friends rescue her at the end, after going on a hunt for her. Her friends persuade her to party, which is how her adventure begins. Basically it's a movie about a strong woman, with two best friends. Highly recommended watch.
Message posted on 2014-05-13 11:41:14

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