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/bech·del test/ n.
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

[[3]] RWBY (2013) [imdb]

This movie passed 3 of 3 tests. It was entered by Michael on 2013-10-26 00:15:30.



Cole said:
1. Rwby has 4 female lead characters, plus several side female characters
2. The girls in RWBY regularly talk to each other.
3. The conversations are usually related to each other, or on combat. Not usually about men.
Message posted on 2013-11-09 01:00:57
Ellie said:
I would argue that the majority of conversations between women in this show are not about men. For example, Ruby and Blake discussing books and idealism. Therefore, I think that RWBY has passed the test with flying colours.
Message posted on 2013-11-10 12:42:06
Rafaela said:
Considering the writing team is made of mostly men (just pointing out, not complaining), they make the show pass the test with flying colours so strong they could be the LGBT flag. Not only are the main characters who name the series all female, we also have Phyrra, Nora, Penny, Velvet(the faunus girl with bunny ears), Glynda(the huntress who saves Ruby in the first episode and is also a professor in Beacon) and Cinder(who seems to be the real villain of the story, if the finale is anything to go by). Rwby has plenty of female characters, all named. They all talk to each other many times, and the show passes the test since the first episode, with Ruby and Yang's conversation(regarding Ruby's acceptance into Beacon). All the female protagonists have diverse personalities, interests and issues(though I do wish there were PoC in it), and emotional struggles fall with a male character(Jaune) rather than a female one for once. I strongly disagree with the rating, speaking as someone who has followed the show closely.
Message posted on 2013-11-17 23:38:45
Lordxana said:
Not really sure where you get the idea that all they talk about is boys. Heck they barely talk about boys, probably because they are more focused on their training. Don't know what show the review was watching.
Message posted on 2013-11-18 07:42:50
John said:
They almost never talk about men. Whoever wrote this probably did not actually watch this show.
Message posted on 2013-11-25 11:43:15
neil (webmaster) said:
I've updated the rating from 2/3 to 3/3.
Message posted on 2013-11-27 07:28:50
That Geek With The Clip-Ons said:
RWBY isn't a movie, it's a series online. It shouldn't technically count (don't get me wrong I love the show but it's not a movie and I thought this was about movies).
Message posted on 2014-09-30 06:34:48

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