Bechdel Test Movie List

/bech·del test/ n.
1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

[[3]] Fright Night (2011) [imdb]

This movie passed 3 of 3 tests (although dubious). It was entered by Kelly Garbato on 2012-01-07 03:22:52.



Kelly Garbato said:
Jane Brewster (the mom) greets Amy (the girlfriend) when she arrives to pick up Charlie. It's a very brief exchange - literally two sentences ("Hello, Mrs. Brewster"; "Hey girls, how are you doing?") - and if this scene qualifies, it does so on the slimmest of margins.

Jane and Amy talk to each other once more, but it's about Charlie and his erratic behavior.
Message posted on 2012-01-07 03:22:53
Jen said:
I don't think this should be considered "dubious"; yes it passes by a very slim margin, but it does pass. And again, the test isn't about how empowering a movie is towards women, but rather a test to raise awareness about women in film. So a longer conversation would be better, but this does pass.
Message posted on 2012-10-21 04:36:18

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